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a dream come true.

     mezoCULTURE is a business built on family and a dream.  Owned and operated by a mother and daughter team, it all comes back to treating everyone, from our artisans to our clients, like they are family.  With our heritage being from Central America, it was only natural to start the company close to home. The majority of our inventory comes from Guatemala and El Salvador. All of our merchandise is handmade by skilled indigenous artisans and created using techniques that started back in the days of the Mayans.


    Our motto is "Unity Through Global Exchange". To us this means practicing fair trade principals such as; no slave labor, no child labor, safe working conditions and fair wages for our artisans.  We pride ourselves in bringing that back to our consumers through our fair prices. Most importantly, at the end of the year we donate 10% of our profits back to the Central American region to fight against issues like violence, hunger and to help with education.


    As a customer of mezoCULTURE you are not only getting a high quality, unique product; you are also helping the fair trade movement and supporting local artisans and citizens from across the globe. Thank you for your interest in our company and we hope that you enjoy your new one of a kind mezoCULTURE fair trade goods. 






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